8. Are more creative.

Time spent outdoors, exploring nature is a time when children learn to use their imagination. Below is a copy of "Health Benefits to Children from Contact with the Outdoors & Nature" plus an execrpt from an article produced by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

City Parks Offer a Sense of Place

This brief article draws on solid research, some of which is independently referenced elsewhere in this list. Among the points made are that city parks offer a sense of place, opportunity for daily experience with nature, experiences that enhance school achievement, and antidotes to alienation. This American Planning Association City Parks Forum Briefing Paper is largely inspired by the work of Robin Moore, noted and pioneering landscape designer with a commitment to creating learning landscapes that optimize children’s learning. "Natural spaces and materials stimulate children’s limitless imaginations and serve as the medium of inventiveness and creativity," says Moore. Readers will find tangible reasons for the benefits associated with using city parks as places for learning as well as community-based examples and resources. (Synthesis)

"How Cities Use Parks to . . . Help Children Learn," Chicago, IL: American Planning Association, 2003 is available on line at www.naturalearning.organd www.planning.org.