Are you looking for a meeting or retreat location that will inspire creativity, harness focus, and promote productivity? Look no further than Westcave Preserve – the natural treasure of the Texas Hill Country. Westcave’s award-winning Environmental Learning Center (ELC) will provide the perfect space for your next meeting or day retreat.

The ELC is nestled under native Ashe Juniper and Live Oak trees atop a scenic cliff overlooking the Pedernales River. The building is a model of sustainable building design and includes ground-source heating and cooling, a solar energy panel, and rainwater harvesting system. This remarkable building won seven major architecture awards including the 2005 Award for Excellence from the American Institute of Architectures (AIA) Committee on Architecture for Education and was named one of the top 10 “green” buildings by the AIA in 2006. The 3,000-square-foot building has an additional 4,000 square feet of outdoor classroom and can accommodate 65 people comfortably in various configurations to best meet the needs of your group. Daily Environmental Learning Center Rental Fees (8am - 5pm) Monday-Friday Includes use of the building, tables, chairs, picnic areas, etc. And restroom facilities.

Daily Environmental Learning Center Rental Fees (8am - 5pm) Monday-Friday

Includes use of the building, tables, chairs, picnic areas, etc. And restroom facilities. PRICING*

• Half day/Half ELC (South Classroom) rental: $500.00

• Full day/Half ELC (South Classroom) rental: $1,000.00

• Half day/Entire ELC rental: $1,250.00

• Full day/Entire ELC rental: $2,500.00 *Discounts are available for non-profits and partner organizations


  • (18) Plastic 6’0” folding tables
  • (10) Small 4‘0” Folding tables
  • (52) Padded folding chairs
  • (22) Unpadded folding chairs
  • (1) Mounted projection screens
  • (2) Mounted Dry Erase boards
  • (2) Flip Chart Stands
  • (2) Extension cords Other
  • (6) Patio Picnic Tables (about 8 people per table) (8) Picnic Tables (about 8-10 people per table)
  • (46) Parking Spots
  • (2 Handicap spots)
  • Wireless satellite internet
  • *Connection speeds may vary, it is recommended that all presentation and meeting materials be downloaded prior to arrival at Westcave.
  • Food:
  • Westcave staff are happy to discuss local vendor options with you. Please note that we are unable to provide any refrigeration or freezer space at this time. Water fountains are available outside ELC.


Our low impact and environmental mission includes using composting toilets to reduce water consumption. There are a total of 46 parking spots including our overflow lot. Carpooling is encouraged and bus parking is available if needed. We kindly ask that all groups use paper products instead of styrofoam. We encourage reusable products over single-use plastics. Groups are welcome to bring their own projector, flipcharts, flip chart stands, etc.

Please call us at 830-825-3174 or send an email to to discuss availability, reserve a date, or schedule a visit to see the facility.

Facility Rental Policy

As a non-profit organization, all facility rental opportunities at Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center must fall within our mission of inspiring a lifetime of protecting nature. For this reason, we require you to accept and acknowledge the below terms before your request to host an event at Westcave can be processed:

*I understand that first and foremost, Westcave Preserve is a nature preserve and has federally protected endangered species. Westcave also protects many rare, endemic and fragile flora and fauna. It is also a geological gem that is a beautiful, sensitive and fragile area that can be damaged by off trail activity and other disruptive activities.

*I understand that all regular preserve rules apply, including that:

• I will not bring animals of any kind to Westcave.

• I will not swim, wade, or make contact of any kind with any water at Westcave.

• I will not bring food, gum, or drinks except bottled drinking water onto the trails.

• I will not start fires, set off fireworks, smoke, use smoke making devices, or use stoves anywhere on the property at Westcave.

• I will not collect or disturb natural materials.

• I will not bring any glass bottles or containers onto the trails.

• During Golden-cheeked Warbler season (March - July), I will not be unnecessarily loud

*All people involved with a Facility Rental will stay on marked trails. I understand that Westcave staff has a zero-tolerance policy for off trail activity of any kind, including but not limited to: people, props, gear, lighting equipment, tripods, rigging, etc.

*I agree that if Westcave staff determine wildlife is being impacted by any aspect of the event, I will immediately stop the event and stop the disruptive activity. *I understand that Facility Rental packages are limited to a maximum of 65 people (not including Westcave staff) at one time.

*I understand that Facility Rentals are weather permitting and that staff may not be able to reschedule my event if inclement weather prevents the event from occurring on my scheduled date(s).

*I understand that all equipment delivery prior to an event must be scheduled with Westcave staff and are subject to approval and availability.

*I understand that other restrictions may apply. If additional restrictions apply to my request, I understand they will be determined during the confirmation process for my booking.

*I understand if I, or any member of my party, does not follow any of the rules stated above a Westcave staff member reserves the right to correct the violation and/or evict individuals or groups from premises, at any time.

*I understand that if I am asked to leave Westcave for any reason related to my violation of this agreement, my event package deposit will become a non-refundable fine and I may be charged additional fees.

24814 Hamilton Pool Rd.
Round Mountain, TX 78663

p: 830-825-3442