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Texas Hill Country Stroll

A relaxing stroll and escape into the Texas Hill Country!


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A household group is a group of up to 6 people who do not require social distancing from each other.

Welcome to the Uplands
Land management and conservation at Westcave in Austin
Crown Jewel of the Hill Country, Westcave nature preserve
Canyons, creeks, caves, and other natural wonders in Austin, TX
Uplands Blue Skies
Monarch Butterflies on the Uplands
Trails Enter the Ahrns Grove
Scenic Views on the Upland Trails
Upland Trails
Upland Trail Loops
1900s Homestead


The Uplands is a 45-acre property that was originally purchased in 2008. Conservation efforts on the Uplands are essential to the overall health and functioning of the entire preserve. Our prairie restoration area has received two prescribed burns with reseeding efforts since its purchase. The shared efforts and hard work of many volunteers and staff have contributed greatly to conserving the Uplands. The Uplands trail system was established in March of 2014, Murphy Bird Blind in 2014, Leif's ADA-friendly Bird Blind in 2018, and our ADA-friendly Trail improved to a prairie viewpoint in 2021.


A mile and a half of unimproved hiking trails that wind through a dynamic Live Oak and Ashe Juniper savanna. The savanna provides essential habitat to a variety of wildlife. During the spring and fall, the savanna blooms into a painted landscape of wildflowers which then transforms into a sea of tall grasses in the drier seasons. During your visit, you can enjoy bird watching at either of our 2 bird blinds, a relaxing space in the Ahrns grove and pollinator garden, a glimpse into a native prairie, view of a cabin dating back to the early 1900's, and expansive views of the surrounding Texas Hill Country. There are benches throughout the trail system to enjoy solitude and the sounds of nature.

The portion of the trail system from the Visitor center through the Ahrns Grove past ADA-accessible Leif's Bird Blind to a viewpoint of the prairie restoration area is ADA-friendly.


Expansion of butterfly gardens- the fenced off Ahrns Grove will have more gardens, and added to area. Educational information will be provided to make this area a destination for both visitors and pollinators.

River Overlook Trail –The new River Overlook Trail will offer stunning views of the Pedernales River and wide open vistas of the surrounding Hill Country. Available by guided tour only.

Historic Homestead Restoration – Once restored, the circa 1900s homestead will become a fascinating way for visitors to learn about the early inhabitants of the Hill Country.

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