Package Options and Fees

Private Photography Package-

  • 2 hour/ $400 ($200 non-refundable deposit, time includes arrival and hike down to grotto)
  • 5 people allowed, including photographer
  • $50 additional per person, not to exceed 10 people total
  • 100% of deposit and hourly fee due at time of booking
  • Sessions are allowed during non-public/field trip hours
  • Additional scout visits $200/hour

Private Photography/Elopement Package-

  • 3 hour/ $600 ($300 non-refundable deposit,time includes arrival and hike down to grotto)
  • 5 people allowed, including photographer/officiant
  • $50 additioanl per person, not to exceed 10 people total
  • 100% of deposit and hourly fee due at time of booking
  • Additional scout visits $200/hour

Additional fees may apply and Westcave reserves the right to alter this agreement at any time without prior written notice or consent

For all photography and elopement inquries and requests, please fill out the form below:

Photography and Elopement Terms Agreement:

  • No animals of any kind to Westcave.
  • No swimming, wading, or creek contact of any kind at Westcave.
  • No food, gum, or drinks except bottled drinking water onto the trails.
  • No fires, fireworks, smoke, smoke making devices, or stoves anywhere on the property at Westcave.
  • No collecting or disturbing natural materials.
  • All people involved with the photoshoot or filming must stay on marked trails. Westcave staff has a zero-tolerance policy for off trail activity of any kind, including but not limited to: people, props, gear, lighting equipment, tripods, rigging, etc.
  • No generator. Lighting must be minimal and not be disturbing to wildlife. If Westcave staff determines wildlife is being impacted by any aspect of the filming or photoshoot occurring, disruptive activity must immediately cease.
  • Filming and photoshoot packages are limited to a maximum of 15 total people (not including Westcave staff) at one time.
  • Hours for filming and photoshoots are from dawn until dusk, Wednesdays only. Filming and photoshoot date(s) must be confirmed and scheduled at least one month in advance.
  • For filming only, a site visit is required before filming can occur, this must occur outside of regular tour hours and be scheduled in advance. See fee schedule for costs.
  • Filming and photoshoots are weather permitting and that staff may not be able to reschedule my filming or photoshoot date(s) if inclement weather prevents the photoshoot or filming from occurring on my scheduled filming or photoshoot date(s).
  • All gear must be hiked in and out of canyon without requiring assistance from Westcave staff and that staff are not responsible for the safety or care of any equipment or personal items.
  • All equipment delivery prior to filming must be scheduled with Westcave staff and are subject to approval and availability.
  • No liquids other than drinking water are allowed during the photoshoot or during filming.
  • Other restrictions may apply. If additional restrictions apply to my request, I understand they will be determined during the confirmation process for my booking.
  • A Westcave staff member must be present with my group at all times.
  • If any member of the party does not follow any of the rules stated above, a Westcave staff member reserves the right to correct the violation and/or evict individuals or groups from premises, at any time.
  • If asked to leave Westcave for any reason related to violation of this agreement, my filming or photoshoot package deposit will be a non-refundable fine and I may be charged additional fees.