TX Children in Nature Strategic Plan

Accomplishments Report on TCiN Strategic Plan

In 2010, the Texas Children in Nature partnership was formed along with the Texas Children in Nature Strategic Plan that was designed to guide the network as it grew. Today, we are three years into working towards the goals and objectives of the plan. It is worth celebrating some amazing accomplishments that have taken place around the state over the past three years. The goals and accomplishments are listed for each focus area of the strategic plan. In each category the accomplishments are either a direct result of a partner taking action, or are the results of contributions made towards an outcome. We know that we cannot possibly capture all of the impact that the research and movement has had on each organization, but we have tried to accumulate the highlights. Thank you for all you do to connect children with nature.

Please see the accompanying letter of support from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Executive Director- Carter Smith.

State Strategic Plan – Executive Summary

This executive summary highlights the major recommendations of the Texas Partnership for Children in Nature. It focuses on the role of Health, Education, Access and Community in furthering engagement with nature and increasing the understanding of Texas' nature resources.

State Strategic Plan - Full Report

Please consider the recommendations of this plan and join us in restoring our children's well-being and their relationship with Texas' rich natural and cultural heritage. The trend is real, the problem is solvable and the time to act is now.