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Westcave is at a critical moment, and we need your help. With a temporary suspension of operations at the Westcave Preserve we are without a substantial piece of our revenue stream to accomplish our vital work. With your help, we will come through the turbulence and emerge stronger, united, and more focused than ever, protecting and advocating for wild spaces, connecting children to nature, and inspiring everyone to lifelong practices of enjoying and protecting nature.

With expertise cultivated over forty-four years caring for and restoring a fragile ecosystem known as “The Gem of the Hill Country,” Westcave is a leader in the international movement that recognizes the link between experiences in nature and our wellness and health. We accomplish this bond by exploration and discovery that connects nearly twenty thousand visitors each year to the ground under their feet, and the air and water we all need.

While our Preserve is closed, our behind-the-scenes work continues on several exciting initiatives like the development of a “Park with Purpose” at Pillow Elementary in Austin, studies done in conjunction with scientists throughout the Hill Country pertaining to the endangered Golden-cheeked warbler, and our new research project related to the relationship between our iconic waterfall and the Trinity Aquifer.

Help us to weather this unprecedented moment, and allow our team to continue our work that has resulted in the passage of the Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights by the City of Austin and the transformation of thousands of acres of playgrounds, parks, and private backyards throughout Central Texas to a nature oasis for all.

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