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Meet Jon Ulloa and Ming Liu, McCombs Board Fellows, pictured here with Westcave Board Member Rebecca Benz and Executive Director Molly Stevens

Last fall, Westcave received the great news that two students from the UT McCombs School of Business were selected as “McCombs Board Fellows” to serve a one-year term on Westcave’s Board of Trustees. As part of our application for their participation, we outlined a specific project to focus their strategic attention: measuring impact of Westcave’s programs.

Jon Ulloa has a BS in Business Administration from Boston University and has worked for the past 3 years with VISA INC. He says, “I enjoy learning about Westcave’s mission to connect children to nature through education and physical connection to the environment. I value the emphasis on big data from WODC to try to ensure performance of programs, and I wanted to be a part of that effort. “

Ming Liu attended Texas A&M University where he has a BS in Business Administration. Ming had worked with Deloitte Consulting for the three years prior to attending McCombs School of Business. Ming writes, “I sought the opportunity of being a Board Fellow for Westcave because I believe in preserving what's important to us so future generations can enjoy them as well. Since joining, I have had the pleasure of working alongside some of the most passionate people I've ever met who are focused on bringing nature back into our lives.”