Birds  Brew


Article & Photos by Tom Jones, Hays County Master Naturalist

Hays County Master Naturalists (HCMNs) attended the Westcave Preserve Birds & Brew, a birding and social event. This AT activity combined an evening Bird Walk with a social event. It was held Saturday May 5th at Westcave Preserve. I attended with my wife and HCMNs Chris & Mike Rambo. The weather was perfect. It was a clear cool evening after a much needed rain the previous day. First was the social, held in a pot-luck style and BYOB. As the sunset approached, we headed to the Uplands Trail under the guide of Paul Fushille.

An expert birder, Paul was an excellent guide. He started identifying and finding birds immediately and continued non-stop for the next hour. Memorable stops included the Murphy Bird Blind, which was active with late evening birds, and listening to the baby owls inside the tree mounted box.