On October 1st, father Jose and son Sebastian Casarez came to Westcave Preserve to completely remodel our Murphy Bird Blind. The project was months in the making. Sebastian (age 13), an avid local birder who had visited the bird blind in the past, was inspired to beautify it and make it more accessible for visitors. Then he did something few young men would: he offered to use his saved birthday money to revamp the bird blind! [… more >>] The Casarez Family met with Westcave staff to formulate a plan and then designed the upgrade on their own. When the day came the Casarez Family completed the bird blind remodel within 4 hours and totally transformed the Murphy Bird Blind into an awesome destination. Upgrades include:

  • Raised roof to adult-size standing height
  • Replaced the blind’s siding
  • Fenced the rain water collection barrel
  • Painted the blind
  • Added a donation box

We invite you to come see the new and improved Murphy Bird Blind at the Westcave Preserve! Thank you Casarez Family for your donation of time, money, and talent! You are an important and treasured part of the Westcave Family.

Murphy Blind Before.jpg
Murphy Bird Blind After.jpg