Conservation Internship

The Conservation Internship is for those interested in a "hands-on" experience in conservation and land management. This internship provides the perfect opportunity to build one’s skills in sustainable land management, native flora and fauna identification, and scientifically based data collection and research. Routine duties will include assisting with general land management activities, trail maintenance, bird blind maintenance, and visitor center opening and closing procedures. The candidate will have the opportunity to participate in several of the following research projects: endangered species habitat management, dragonfly migration monitoring, salamander surveys, water quality testing, seasonal bird counts, NestWatch, and FeederWatch. Other duties will include non-native vegetation removal, conservation-related research, and occasionally interacting with visitors at the welcome desk or elsewhere on the preserve. We encourage our interns to pursue their own passions in conservation as well; such as taking on a research project or implementing a program that would be sustainable and beneficial to the preserve.

Direct Supervisors

  • Amber Ahrns Gosselin, Conservation Director
  • Traci Foulkes, Conservation Specialist