Conservation Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Internship


The Conservation Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Internship provides a platform for those interested in the application of geospatial analytical techniques for conservation planning and land management. GIS is rapidly becoming a powerful tool for analyzing the geographic distribution of biota, monitoring biodiversity, and identifying areas of high priority. Interns will be given the opportunity to develop spatial modeling and map-making skills applicable to ongoing research projects and the needs of Westcave Preserve. Primary projects include but are not limited to identifying endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler (Setophaga chrysoparia) and Texas Barberry (Mahonia swaseyi) habitat, local hydrological mapping, designing preserve and trail maps, and developing spatial and temporal models of Ashe juniper (Juniperus ashei) and native prairie management. Some basic conservation duties and/or research are optional. However, we strongly encourage our interns to pursue their own passions in conservation related GIS projects; such as taking on a research project or implementing a program that would be sustainable and beneficial to the preserve.


The Conservation GIS internship is unpaid and open to undergraduate and graduate students. This is an excellent option for students seeking an internship for credit. Interns must maintain access to GIS software throughout the duration of the internship. This will not be provided by the preserve. A reliable form of transportation is a must as scheduled visits to the preserve may be required. Westcave is located approximately 44 miles from downtown San Marcos and 30 miles from downtown Austin. Internship schedule will be determined upon final candidate selection.

To Apply: Send a resume and cover letter to and