Charlton Perry


Charlton Perry, St. Stephen's Episcopal School

For over 20 years, Charlton has been an innovator at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School. He teaches in the History Department and runs the Devils Canyon Wilderness Program, where students go mountain biking, caving, canoeing and rock climbing. Additionally, he plans trips to Mustang Island for the 7th graders, and heads way out West with the 8th graders to adventure in Big Bend. Throughout the year, Charlton also organizes conservation work projects with the city for students to engage in restoration of local parks and preserves. Through these wilderness-based activities he has developed, Charlton has lead kids to learn self-confidence, trust, cooperation, leadership skills and teamwork. The middle-age childhood development is a critical time for youth to build social skills and engage in challenges that help them lift up their voice and test assumptions. Charlton provides those opportunities through his uniquely designed curriculum and experiential learning. Additionally, he works on the Campus Committee to build partnerships and share best practices to improve the quality of life on campus through a strong connection with nature. He sets a great example for his kids to live sustainably and find a deep and rich connection with nature to lead a healthy and happy life.


Like Westcave, which has been inspiring children and adults for decades, this award recognizes that there are many who have been toiling in the Children and Nature field for many years.