Shiksha School

Shiksha was founded by the local Austin community, with the vision of endowing children growing up in the Western culture, with an education rich in the customs, practices and traditions of Hinduism.

Shiksha aims to nourish the youth of this generation with the wealth of India’s art and cultural heritage and instill in them a deep understanding of Hindu spiritual values.

Children at Shiksha learn in the most serene and devotional environment of Radha Madhav Dham ashram where traditional Gurukul style outdoor classes are mixed with modern indoor classes to provide fun‐filled learning experience.

Shiksha offers youth very unique skills to excel among their peers in education with classes in Vedic Math and Robotics. Held every Sunday, Shiksha’s calendar follows that of Austin K‐12 school system – providing a consistent, year‐long extracurricular enrichment for children.

Shiksha Approach

  • Children can choose classes of their interest
  • Traditional classes in Hinduism, Dance, Language and Music
  • Unique skill development classes in Vedic Math, Chess, and Creative Problem Solving.

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