When you become a member of the CiNCA Community, your support helps the collaborative achieve its mission to ignite and fan the flames of the regional movement to reconnect kids to the wonder and joy of the natural world and to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.

To achieve this, the CiNCA brings together schools, service providers, state and local government officials and members of the community with a stake in developing children who are healthier, happier, and smarter as a result of being connected to nature and concepts of sustainability on a regular basis. The CiNCA provides a venue for these stakeholder groups to come together and share and seek resources collectively, collaborate more effectively and streamline programmatic efforts.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to networking with peers and potential partners
  • Promotion of your organization at CiNCA/Westcave events and through social media: website and Facebook pages of Nature Rocks, Westcave and CiNCA
  • Access to reserve the Roadrunner Outdoor Adventure Bus
  • Access to resources and regionally relevant research
  • Opportunities for collaborative programming and fundraising
  • Help with advocacy / policy work

Membership Levels

  • Teachers FREE
  • Individuals $25
  • Organizations/NonProfits $100
  • Businesses $250
  • Sponsorship $1000+

*Membership in the CiNCA is annual and will need to be renewed one year from the date of your organization's registration.