Trevor Hance


Executive Director & CEO

"Use your talents to make it better for everyone,” is Trevor’s core value, and with a deep understanding of the environment, law, business and human development, he cultivates connections to place and people by focusing on our individual relationship with the ground under our feet, and our collective relationship with the air and water we all share. His innovative approach to human development resulted in the transformation of the grounds and learning model at a public school in Austin into one of the most progressive and measurably successful environmentally-focused schools in the nation, earning recognition and support from organizations ranging from the City of Austin, to the University of Texas, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, North American Association for Environmental Education, World Wildlife Fund, Children & Nature Network, NOAA, National Geographic, and Westcave. He volunteered on Westcave’s education committee for several years and spent a year on Westcave’s Board before being hired as the Executive Director and CEO in July 2019. And, while he loves every minute at Westcave, he can’t wait to strap on his backpack, grab “a loaf of bread and pound of tea,” and head east to tackle another section of the Appalachian Trail with his daughters and wife.