Ryan Spencer graduated from Texas State University - San Marcos in December 2009 where he received his BS in Water Studies with a minor in Geology. He continued his education at Texas State University and in December of 2013 graduated with a Masters of Applied Geography in Geographic Information Systems. His long love of nature started with family road trips that as a child took him across the American Southwest. His passion for the outdoors came back full circle when he began his career as a glass bottom boat driver at the Meadow’s Center for Water and the Environment in San Marcos, Texas. After working on Spring Lake in San Marcos for a year Ryan pursued opportunities with Texas Parks and Wildlife at Guadalupe River State Park and then again as an Outdoor Education Instructor with the Texas Outdoor Family program. Ryan has seen firsthand how a young child’s experiences can help shape their attitudes towards nature and promote a healthy and active lifestyle. In Ryan’s current role as the Manager of the Children in Nature Collaborative of Austin he helps bring awareness, resources, and people together to help get children outside in Austin, Texas.