Public Experience Manager

Mikaela is full-fledged nature enthusiast who has dedicated her life to the study of nature and it’s wonders. She began her journey at Westcave in 2019 as a student volunteer, and quickly fell in love with Westcave’s natural beauty and peacefulness. Mikaela became immersed in all aspects of Westcave, joining the education department as an Environmental Educator and the conservation department as a Conservation Ranger and Researcher. Since then, she has been promoted to Westcave’s Public Experience Manager, where she manages public interaction and reservations while maintaining an active role in both the education and conservation departments.

Mikaela graduated Summa Cum Laude from Concordia University Texas in the Spring of 2021 with her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Conservation. She is now completing her Ph.D. in Environmental Science at Baylor University.