Amber Ahrns Gosselin, Westcave Conservation Director


Conservation Director

Amber Ahrns Gosselin, Conservation Director at Westcave, grew up with an intrinsic love of the outdoors and educating people about the natural world. She attributes her love of nature to her parents who raised her at Westcave Preserve. Her father John Ahrns, was Westcave’s first Preserve Manager. At the start of Amber’s career, she helped manage Hamilton Pool Preserve for the better part of a decade. She received her BS from Texas State in Geography and Planning. Amber then was promoted to Natural Resource Specialist with Travis County Natural Resources. She managed both the Balcones Canyonland Preserve and Park systems by protecting natural resources, monitoring biological species, coordinating habitat restoration and enhancement for endangered species and managing non-native and invasive species control.

After decades at Travis County, Amber was offered the unique opportunity to honor her father’s legacy to continue protecting the Hill Country gem that is Westcave Preserve. As Conservation Director at Westcave, Amber relied on her vast knowledge of natural resource management to develop and implement the current conservation program. This program heavily focuses on executing the best and most current land management practices, valuable research projects, endangered species monitoring and management, neighborhood outreach and engagement, training college-level students for future jobs in natural resources through the Conservation Internship Program, engaging and working with volunteers and collaborating with other agencies.