Ravenous—Play Like a Bird, Be the Bird

Jamie Larsen, Educational Gaming Environments (EdGE) at TERC

In Ravenous, you have the opportunity to re-skin yourself in black feathers and see if you’ve got what it takes to get from here to there, find what you need to survive, avoid predators, and even hook-up with that special “somebird.” The game helps uncover how the real world interplay between adaptation, natural selection, and energy influences survival.


Terraplay: Tangible Play for Science and Sustainability

  • Suzanne Pierce, Ph.D. , Texas Advanced Computing Center and Jackson School of Geosciences, UT- Austin
  • Rea Wolfe, Connally High School

Terraplay is an immersive game that delivers focused curricula and digital tools with interactive 3D tangibles to teach sustainability science concepts. Developed as part of a serious game training program, Terraplay has been developed in collaboration with high school students to build a skills-based career path through digital media.


Agents of Nature

Joel Krupa, Get to Know Program

Agents of Nature is a mobile game that transforms the user into a "secret agent of nature." This game is designed to make learning fun for youth visiting parks, forests, zoos, aquariums, museums, or any place-based education facility. Download the presentation to find out lessons learned from this unique project and identify best practices in using gamification to get kids learning and moving in the great outdoors.