Nature Passport App—Using Technology to Get Kids Off the Couch and Into Nature

The Nature Passport app is a first-of-its-kind international collaboration between IslandWood (USA) and Nature Play (Australia), using smartphone technology to get kids outside playing, exploring, and learning. The app rewards children for completing missions outdoors, and the platform allows users and partners to easily create custom missions.


Invisible Nature Seen Through the Lens of Technology

  • R. Brent Lyles, Austin Youth River Watch
  • Jessica Gordon, Department of Watershed Protection, City of Austin
  • Suzanne Pierce, Ph.D., Texas Advanced Computing Center and Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas-Austin

Visible Earth is vast, yet the invisible elements of our planet are immense. Technology advances our ability to "see" and understand nature. From digital field notebooks to 3D printed tangibles, this session explored how technology opens access for at-risk youth to parts of the planet that are invisible to the unaided experience.

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A Casual Visit to the Upper Stratosphere

  • Mikal Hart, Intel Corporation

This session revealed spectacular new footage taken with a camera sent to the edge of “Near-Space.” Mikal Hart shared how a team of Intel engineers got a GoPro to 100,000 feet and safely back down—and how someday soon your kids will, too.