Meadows Center for Water & the Environment


The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment

Since 2002, The Meadows Center has worked to inspire the next generation of environmental advocates through research, education, service and stewardship. The Meadows Center’s headquarters are located on the site of an environmentally, culturally, and archaeologically significant resource, Spring Lake, which serves as a living laboratory, a community center, and an irreplaceable educational resource. In this inspiring setting, they engage more than 125,000 people each year in environmental education and outdoor learning activities at Spring Lake. They create customizable field trips from pre – kindergarten to high school, with more than 30 TEKS-aligned curricula, that allows educators to design an interactive experience with conservation at its core. Last year, over 31,000 school children learned about the importance of the environment to all living things through hands-on, science learning at Spring Lake. Our site includes a wide variety of educational activities that emphasize the importance of environmental conservation. Among these are demonstration xeriscape gardens, nature walks, the Discovery Hall Aquaria, the Wetlands Boardwalk, interpretive exhibits, paddling tours and glass-bottom boat tours.


John Watson is a visionary architect who studied with Frank Lloyd Wright and has created a number of organically designed homes. John was the private landowner of what is now Westcave Preserve. John recognized that the public had a great desire to visit this very unique hill country canyon and he had the vision to partner with our life-long friends at the LCRA to create Westcave Preserve which was dedicated to the restoration and preservation of this extraordinary property.